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July 9, 2012


Recycled Bird House

Emmy Williams

Before you throw away those plastic soda bottles consider recycling them into beautiful bird houses that can provide a living space for local birds in your community.

You will need: 1 plastic bottle(2liter or 45 fl oz), 1 piece of ribbon or wire, 1 newspaper, sushi rice, masking tape, box cutter or sharp knife, rice cooker, blender and colorful indoor outdoor paints( your choice).


Prepare the bottle by wrapping wire or ribbon around the neck of the bottle to make a loop that will hang the bird house.


Cute a hole big enough for a small bird to enter (children let your parents do this part). Safety first!

Take masking tape and secure the ribbon or wire to the neck of the bottle.

Fold dry paper strips and form a mold around the top of the bottle and use making tape to secure it. This will form the shape and look of the top of the bird house.

Take dry news paper with masking tape and form from the bottom of the bottle to make a wider bottom that will give more even look to the bird house.

After you have the top and bottom of the bottle wrapped in dry paper and secured with making tape you will begin to paper Mache the entire bottle from top to bottom.  I use a rice glue paste that I make from sushi rice and I just take strips of paper dipping them in the white milky mixture and shaping it around the bottle top to bottom.  You can use paper Mache (flour salt water) if you don’t want to use rice glue mix.

Once the bottle is completely wet and looks fairly smooth and even. It’s time to let it dry.   Outdoors in sun 80- 90 degrees will dry it in about 2 hours or less.  In doors will take about 24 hours.

Once the bird house is dry it is time to paint.  Make sure you are using indoor outdoor paints that have varnish gloss coating. This will help keep your bird house weather proof on rainy days.  You can use other materials to decorate your bird house and make it have more character be creative and have fun!


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