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June 28, 2012

I am so tired of writing letters to our Senators/Obama/ local politicians.  I just want to get back to work and back to my life *living my American Dream. Right now its more like a nightmare and FEAR.NET is the channel I’m stuck on.  Obama has beat the job creation horse into the ground.  Ive been stuck in Arkansas in a rural area (Cato) unemployed not collecting lint from  inside my purse! I was determined to get behind him and email blast the senators (Republican and Democratic)!  Two years have past and I am still getting those generic email responses in my inbox.  Take a look at my last letter  and let me know if  Iam alone or is there other people out there  writing and trying to get back to work ? 


Emmy Williams

Senator /President   ,

 My name is Emmy Williams, Since March 3, 2010; I was terminated from Employment at the Tropicana Hotel/ Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada) Resort.  I was denied unemployment.  My life has been a rollercoaster ride of hardships ever since. I am currently living in Arkansas (rural) with my elderly parents. I am desperately seeking employment.  I understand that election time is around the corner and you need votes. Arkansas is such a poor state that has limited resources for the many people who need help with jobs, housing, and food.  I cannot imagine how homeless people survive in this state.

 I am writing to you because President Obama has legislation that can open up job opportunities to those of us Americans whom desperately are trying to create small businesses that will strengthen our economy.  I know you might not be on board to pass every piece of legislation but can you pass some of it so we can get back to work.  I have been working hard to get a recycling business off the ground with no financial support.  I am seeking support from anyone whom understands the need for recycling. I am asking if you could just visit the sites I have created and share them with your supporters (via face book, twitter, etc) and maybe one of them can help me get my recycling business off the ground!  It would be great if I could raise enough money to put a green mobile unit on the road that would travel around the country to local markets / fairs educating and promoting recycling to our youth..

Please take a moment of your time to visit my websites.  Sign the guest book or become a member.  I am in need of donations and support.  Everything you see on the Sites (graphics, articles, and blogs) is done with no help from others. I am a self starter   and very excited about the future in a recycling business.


  Emmy Williams

 Emmys green things:

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